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RUGS 101: Rug Size Guide

Rug Size Guide, When thinking about what size rug you need for your space, there are several factors to consider. The rug resizing you need depends on the size of the room, where your furniture is placed, and what type of room it is going in. There are certain standards you can follow that will help you determine what size rug you need.


When picking a rug for your living room, you should make sure you leave enough room so that there is 18 inches of bare floor on each side of your rug. The living room tends to be one of the larger spaces in your home, you want to make sure that you get a big rug too.

You never want a rug that just goes under the coffee table.  You want to get a rug that all of your furniture will fit on. If your furniture is up against the wall, it is good to use the two legs rule. You can get a smaller rug, and make sure that two legs of each piece of furniture are on it.


For the bedroom, you want to make sure that the rug is the first thing your feet touch when you get up in the morning. Rug Size Guide, A good way to achieve this is either a large area rug that goes entirely under your bed or a runner for each side of the bed.

A measurement standard to follow for a bedroom rug is that it should span 30 inches from the side of the bed. In the bedroom you want your rug to be at least 16 inches away from the wall. 

Tip: always place your bedroom rugs HORIZONTAL!


The proper size for a rug in your dining room depends on the size of your table. You want to make sure that your table and chairs fit on the rug with enough room to pull the chairs in and out.

A good standard to remember when picking a rug for your dining room is that it should run at least 24 inches from each side of the table.

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Runners make the perfect addition to a hallway. Using a lighter rug can help make your hallway seem bigger than it is. The standard rule for picking the right rug size for a hallway is to make sure that there is 8 inches of bare floor on each side of the rug.


Rugs in the kitchen serve the purpose of making the spots that you stand-in for an extended period of time more comfortable. They also make the kitchen a safer place by helping reduce slipping. Since kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, there is not a definitive standard to determine rug size.

If you have a galley kitchen or a narrow space between counters, use a runner. For other kitchens, use a small rug for the foot spaces in front of your sink and range.

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