Pet Urine stain removal, Wool is a very popular material when it comes to quality rugs because it stands up to water and is a great dirt repellent. As such, you might be wondering if your lovable friend has an accident on your rug what steps you should follow to remedy the situation. 

The great news is there is an easy way to get rid of pet urine stains and odors with the following steps and a bit of patience. 

Also, at any pet feces accident, make sure to get from this pet feces stain removal guide.

“Getting to the accident quickly is your main goal when removing a urine stain”


1. Equipment Needed


  1. Distilled White Vinegar
  2. Water
  3. 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  4. Baking soda
  5. Terry Cloth
  6. Dish detergent


2. Steps 

1. Water and Vinegar – A safe mixture of water and vinegar can prove to be very beneficial removing urine. Pet Urine stain removal, Take a cup of some cool water and a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar per cup to negate the odor. 

You may also use this solution to dampen the area and blot around the accident. Pet Urine stain removal, Try your best to keep doing this until the water and vinegar solution is absorbed as well as the liquid from the accident.

2. If there are still remnants of the stain present and the water and vinegar solution doesn’t take care of the stain, we recommend you trying something a bit stronger. You can try this mixture:

One quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, One teaspoon of liquid soap, a quarter cup of baking soda

Most importantly, test the solution on a small portion of your rug before applying it to the stain. In certain materials, it could cause colors to fade, after letting the solution sit for a few minutes and everything looks fine, rug you may apply it to the problem area. 

As always be sure to clean the solution up with clear water after treating the stained area.

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