Why Antique Rug Cleaning?

Why Antique Rug Cleaning, Every time that you order an Antique Rug Cleaning, be sure that you take them to a rug expert. They should be familiar with all of the aspects of them so that they could clean your rugs accurately and carefully. Antique rugs have so significant value that you can count them as your hand-knotted investment. Not only do they never lose value over time, but also they soar in value. To get a hint of that, you can check the famous art auctions like Sotheby’s in New York that once sold an antique Persian Rug at $33 million dollars!

Sometimes, we get a too fragile antique rug that needs a very different rug cleaning method than other rugs. Why Antique Rug Cleaning, Also, antique rugs have different materials and dyes than most modern oriental rugs. That makes Antique Rug Cleaning quite a challenge that needs specialized knowledge.

Why Antique Rug Cleaning, Most people haven’t cleaned their antique rugs adequately in the past ten years; not to mention that many rug owners tell us that they have never done that. If you be neglectful about getting them a professional Antique Rug Cleaning, you’ll put your precious rugs at serious risk of premature wear.

Keep in mind that two of the critical factors determining an antique Persian rug cleaning value are the rug’s condition and age.

Other crucial factors are rug wear, rug type, origin, foundation, knotting type, fringe repair, color, and fiber content. Knowing these facts is necessary for determining how you should have a particular rug cleaned.

Carpet and dry cleaners don’t have this specialized knowledge to be responsible for Antique Rug Cleaning. So far, we have restored countless antique rugs to restore their original rug cleaning look and value. So please give us a call today for a free estimate or more information on the top-quality Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY!

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