How To Remove Glue From Your Rug

Glue is one exception to timeliness in regards to your reaction time. In other words, don’t lose your hopes if the glue has started to dry to the rug. 

However, if it is still adhesive when dried, it can collect more dirt over time, making it a bit more difficult to clean. So ideally you should get to the spill immediately to ensure complete removal of the glue stain.

Here are some simple steps you should follow in order to remove a glue stain from your rug and restore its former beauty.

Note: Dried glue is so sticky and if you try so hard to remove it, you might tear the rug fibers. Moreover, if the stain bulk is quite large, cleaning it will need a large portion of water and solution. That leaves your rug wet and prone to mold and mildew damage. So please consult with a rug cleaning expert before getting into action to get the best result for your rug.

Things You’ll Need To Remove A Glue Stain

White Vinegar  │  Warm Water   │  Terry Cloth  │  Mild dish detergent


  1. Wet the glue stain if it has dried

    First, if the glue is still not completely dried, you’re going to want to dab the area with a wet towel and remove all the wet mess you can.

  2. Soften the glue

    After you’ve rid the area of as much wet glue as possible, you need to dampen the towel with warm water in order to make the dried-up glue softer.

  3. Use White vinegar

    Next, pour white vinegar on the now softened glue stain. Make sure the really saturate the area in vinegar, then rub the vinegar into the rug for a few minutes

  4. Dry the vinegar solution

    Finally, after letting the vinegar sit for 15 minutes or so, take a towel with water and clean up the stain. It should remove fairly easily at this point. If not all the glue has been removed, repeat the process.
    Another option if you don’t have white vinegar is dish soap.

    A similar process is repeated, however, you want to make sure not to scrub too hard in order to avoid pressing the stain deeper into the rug.

Congratulations! you just successfully removed the glue stain from your rug. For more help with other types of rug stains, please visit our Stain Removal Guide.

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