We begin with a thorough inspection of the rug to determine the best course of action for cleaning based on the rug's age, material, origin, condition, construction, and type of stain or damage. Each rug must be treated differently to protect your asset from further harm.


Dust and dirt removal is the most critical step to preserving the life of a rug. That’s why your grandma used to take the rugs outside and beat them; to get the dust out. Not only is a dusty rug unhealthy, but lack of regular cleaning will cause premature aging and possibly permanent damage.


The most effective way to clean a handmade wool rug is to soak it in water completely. The centuries-old method of immersing rugs in a mountain river’s cold water has been replaced by submerging the entire rug in our specially constructed shallow bath.


We select specially prepared, environmentally safe products based upon numerous factors present in each rug. A deep scrubbing technique pulls out the difficult to remove dirt and odors trapped inside the fibers.


After cleaning the entire rug, we then rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. Using rollers, we flush out the water, which brings the remaining detergent with it.


Extraction is the process of removing the remaining water in a rug after rinsing. Using a powerful extractor, we remove most of the moisture from the rug as quickly as possible.


Assuring all moisture is removed from the rug is very important. We suspend the rug on a drying rack and use air movers to quickly and thoroughly dry any remaining moisture.

Fringe Cleaning/Grooming

In the ending stages of the cleaning process, we focus on detailing the fringe. Once again, this is done by hand. We pay special attention to giving the fringe an even and bright appearance. If your rug has a type of pile that tends to come loose and stick out over the rest, then our professional grooming will help trim these parts down to give your rug a smooth, flat surface.


The last step of the cleaning process is finishing; this is where we soften the fibers to give you a soft and clean rug that is as fresh as when it was brand new.

Final Inspection

Our expert staff takes a final look over the rug to ensure the rug is in peak condition before returning it to the customer. We are committed to providing the very best rug cleaning services and experience.