Berries like raspberry and cranberry are full of antioxidants and among the best healthy alternatives to junk foods for children and adults alike. Whether you put them in your child’s lunch pack or yours, if any of the berry juice gets its way to your wool rugs at home, it can be quite the eyesore. 

The flesh of most berries is ivory, but the color and pigmentation are all in the skin. When the skin is pierced, and broken the colorant then seeps into the flesh and spreads. 

The cranberry and raspberry juice stains are among the hardest ones to remove if dried. Because of their vivid color, they would utterly ruin the appearance of your rug. So you better get into action as soon as somebody spills the berry juice on the rug.

In this guideline, we outlined these simple steps to get berry stains like cranberry and raspberry juice out of the rug without a mess. It also works well for any other fruit juice stain like beets

You can follow the guideline to get rid of any berry stains and make your rug win its charm back again!

“Removing any type of berry stain can be a real headache because when the skin of the berry is broken or pierced the colorant separates and spreads”

1. Equipment Needed

Clean Terry Cloth  │  Mild Dish Detergent  │  White Vinegar  │  Cold Water

2. Steps 


The first step you should take to get the berry juice stain out of your rug or carpet is to blot up as much of the juice as possible with a clean cloth.


Mix a few drops of dish detergent with one teaspoon of White Vinegar into a cup of water.


Place the cloth over the stain from the outside and gently blot it up with the solution.


Repeat the botting each time with a clean cloth until to get the berry juice out entirely.


Rinse the rug with water and blot with a clean cloth until dry.

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