how to get gum out of a rug

Gums can be a tasty treat after a meal, a reward for the kids, or used to help somebody quit smoking. However, it consists of a few different resin gum bases with added color and flavor. 

If you or your kids drop the chewed gum, it might be a real disaster to remove the gum from the rug. You have to start getting the chewing gum off your rug as soon as you noticed because it would be way harder to remove if left out for a long while.

We have put together a quick guide you can follow to help you remove the chewing gum from your rug without leaving any trace.

Also, have no worry about any other sticky stain. Make sure to get help from our comprehensive stain removal guides such as candle wax, glue, or tar

“Before removing gum from your rug, the most important part to remember is to make sure that it hardens before trying to remove it.”

1. Equipment Needed

Ice Cubes Extra Strength Bengay  │  Terry Towels  │  Mild Dish Detergent

2. Steps 


Rub an ice cube over the gum to harden and freeze it.


Gently pull at the hard gum to remove it from the rug.


If it all doesn’t come off, rub some extra strength Bengay onto the remaining bits.


Once you removed all the gum from the rug texture, mix one cup of water with a few drops of dishwashing detergent.


Scrub your rug gently with the solution, rinse it with cooled water, then blot with clean terry cloth to dry.

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