how to remove permanent marker from rug

The name “Permanent Marker” is quite self-explanatory. It is meant not to be removed off. But the incidents happen, so if you are dealing with a permanent marker on your handmade rug, this is the right place to guide you step by step to clean it off. Follow these easy steps to remove permanent marker stain from the rug.

“Never wipe the area where the ink is located as this will cause the stain to spread further!”

1. Equipment Needed

90% or higher isopropyl rubbing alcohol   Alcohol based clear hair spray  │  Terry Cloth    Water

2. Steps 


Blot the permanent marker stain with rubbing alcohol or alcohol-based hairspray, then blot with a paper towel.


When the stain is removed, rinse that area with cold water, then dry it by blotting a clean paper towel on it.

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