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7 Things Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know before Getting It Cleaned

Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know, have a considerably high value because of their age, longevity, rarity, and condition. Unlike other home decor items, antique rugs do not lose value over time and gain even more because they are almost always one-of-a-kind pieces. That makes Antique Rug Cleaning so essential because it could mean preserving your precious rug or entirely ruining it.

Speaking of antique rugs’ value, they are also reliable collectible investments for those having an appreciation for art and current economic knowledge. A rug’s value skyrockets as soon as it gets the label of “Antique. Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know. “This label is usually for rugs aging more than 100 years. Earlier rugs from the 15th-17th century are among the most valuable, and the market appreciates them the most.

Wool antique rugs generally have the most extended longevity due to their sustainable fibers that are quite durable. Antique rugs Cleaning service should be considered as a strong option when you are looking to purchase an oriental rug cleaning service

Tips for Antique Rug Owners

The exceptional value of an antique rug is quite understandable by almost anyone. Among all handmade rugs, Persians are the most appreciated and celebrated ones and instantly come to mind when oriental rugs are being discussed. They also serve as a safe and wise artistic investment as they usually gain even more value over time. The luxurious appearance rugs bring to your home is indescribable and a great way to impress visitors. 

Still, these antique rugs need extraordinary care if you want them to last for a long time. You should speak to local rug dealers who are experts at antique rug cleaning to maintain your rugs’ exceptional quality. This article gives you essential tips on how to extend your rug’s life.      

How To Check Whether Your Rugs Need Cleaning

Deep-stuck dust is a good indicator of whether an antique rug needs cleaning or not. Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know. Flip the corner of the rug back and strike sharply with your palm while holding the rug and see how much dust comes out. If you see sand and particles of dust come out, it tells you that it’s time to clean your cherished antique rug.  Oriental rugs function as giant air filters, absorbing dust ceaselessly.

Keep in mind that you should treat antique rugs quite differently from ordinary carpets. For instance, regular vacuuming is appropriate for carpets, but it’s the enemy of the delicate fibers of your antique rugs. Vacuuming, especially from the high-speed beater bars in most modern vacuums, can severely damage the rug, causing loss of wool pile and unraveling fringes.  The same goes for conventional rug cleaners as well. A chemical-based detergent on the market shelf might work well on the carpet, but it ruins the natural dyes of an antique rug as well as burning the pile due to their improper pH levels.

Tips That Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know:

  • Place a rug pad under your antique and vintage rugs. Rug pads help to prevent rips, tears, and accidents caused by slipping. Moreover, Rug pads reduce the pressure on your rug from bulky objects like furniture and from foot-traffic.
  • Any furniture on your antique rug should have furniture cups. That will reduce the direct pressure from the furniture feet. Rug cups absorb that pressure and keep the underneath rug safe/
  • Place your antique rugs in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight exposure, and its climate is controlled to 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep any source of moisture away.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight utterly harms your delicate antique rug. That is because the sunlight fades the color and causes color loss on rugs.

Maintaining Antique Rugs

We highly recommend cleaning your antique rugs at least once a year to preserve their unique appeal and sensitive construction. Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know. Regarding the delicate nature of these rugs, you might ruin them by cleaning them at home by yourself or by an unqualified rug cleaner. So. to preserve your priceless hand-knotted investments, leave them to the hands of a certified Rug Cleaning Expert.

Why Antique Rug Cleaning Requires Special Care?

Antique rugs have the best potential to last long enough to pass down to your descendants as your artistic heirloom. Thanks to the durable and natural materials of these rugs, they manage to remain timeless works of art, flourishing your home floor. But that depends on how adequately the rug is maintained.

It’s quite tricky to clean an antique rug because it may get damaged beyond repair if it is cleaned by unqualified cleaners. Comprehensive knowledge of rugs and rich experience are required to know how to treat a rug’s delicate texture so the warps and wefts won’t unravel and the colors won’t bleed.

It takes a massive amount of energy, time, and expense to repair antique rugs. So it would be best if you avoid damaging them by making sure to send them to a professional oriental rug dealer and cleaner.

Only An Should Be In Charge of Antique Rug Cleaning; Here’s why:

Khazai Rug Cleaning relies on five generations of competent expertise with rugs. Our exceptional Rug Experts have been born and raised in and around the rug business. They are not only the best qualified at antique rug cleaning and repair. But they also teach these methods to those willing to pursue this profession.

They have mastered the required knowledge of how to deal with handmade, especially antique rugs, to restore their very first-day appeal and value without damaging them in the rug cleaning process. Amateur carpet cleaners do not have a clue of the difference between a priceless antique rug and a regular carpet. They clean them the same way using harsh chemical detergents and extreme hot steam cleaning. Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know. That might work on a carpet, but it will completely ruin your precious antique rugs.

Rugs, particularly antique and vintage ones, are generally fragile objects. Any Antique Rug Owner Must Know. That’s why the rug owner should preserve them adequately to extend their age. As incorrect rug cleaning puts rugs at the risk of getting torn and worn out, a professional and specific method like antique rug cleaning is essential to reduce the possible damages and keep the rug’s charm and value. 

Having your antique rugs cleaned by experts will reduce dirt accumulation and prevent stains from minor spills and severe damage. Professionally cleaning the rugs can also remove these absorbed objects, including dirt, food crumbs, dead bugs, urine, feces, and pet hair, to keep the rug looking fresh and elegant.

We Help You Protect Your Hand-Knotted Investments.

You can still invest in these knotted masterpieces, even when you do not have the required environment in your home to keep them. Here at Khazai Rug Cleaning, we have long-term and short-term for your antique rugs. The rugs are professionally cleaned before going to storage. We also wrap the rugs in Tyvek rug wrap instead of plastic. That prevents trapping moisture and lets the rug breathe. Your rugs are 100% insured for any sort of damage and incident while they’re in our rug storage.

So, in case you have made a smart decision to get a precious antique rug, we at Khazai Rug Cleaning offer you the best-around Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY! Our Rug Experts’ exceptional knowledge and expertise guarantee your cherished antique rugs to win their value and glamour back.

Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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