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How to Remove Ash Stain Out of Your Rug?

Remove Ash Stain Out of Rug, The hearth is the heart of a home. Those who own and use their natural fireplace know the comfort and warmth that they radiate. Many of our customers keep beautiful rugs in front of their fireplace to add to the relaxing and beautiful ambiance.

However, fireplaces can require a significant amount of maintenance and cleaning. Those who enjoy the comfort of a natural fireplace also know the dangers of cleaning ash as well. Ash can easily be spilled on your rug during the cleaning process.

Unfortunately, spilled ash from your fireplace can build up in your rug and leave a stain. The longer you go without addressing this problem, the more the ash will be pushed deeper into the foundation of your rug. You can only clean ash from your rug if you act immediately.

If you can’t clean the area immediately, block off the area to prevent foot traffic. Remove Ash Stain Out of Rug, Start by vacuuming the area using the suction-only function on your vacuum. Do not use a brush or roller because these can push the ash deep into the foundation of your rug. After you have vacuumed the area thoroughly, sprinkle an absorbent substance generously on the area.

Absorbent substances include baby powder, corn starch, baking soda, and certain powdered cleaners. Leave the absorbent on the affected area for an hour or two. Vacuum the absorbent and any remaining ash up. Again, use the suction-only section and do not use a roller attachment. Remove Ash Stain Out of Rug, You may blot the area with a cleaning solvent and absorbent rag or use a sponge and clear water.

You should test any cleaning solutions and solvents on out-of-sight areas or a similar fabric before using it on your rug. Be careful not to rub the area with a cloth or sponge.

If you were not able to clean your rug in time, you will need to seek professional cleaning. Here at Khazai Rug Cleaning, our professional cleaning process focuses on cleaning the foundation of your rug. Through our specialized beating and badgering process, we provide the deep cleaning your rug needs to truly be clean.

If you do not prevent ash from getting ground down into the foundation of your rug, Remove Ash Stain Out of Rug, the ash will build up between the fibers of your rug’s foundation. This can cause damage to your rug over time and eventually give your rug a dirty and beaten look.

Your rug is also the largest air filter in your home. Ash, dust, and other allergens in the foundation of your rug can aggravate your allergies. We encourage rug owners to get a professional cleaning every 2-3 years or as needed.

If you believe you need professional cleaning due to spilled ash or the need for a routine cleaning, give us a call for a free inspection. We offer free in-home inspections as well as free pick up and drop off.

For specialized services like rug pet stain removal, don’t hesitate to reach out to us

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