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KRC Helped Me Undo My Mess!

KRC Helped Me Undo My Mess!, Hello Hoomans! It’s me, Caramel. Well, I’ve got bad news and good news. But since I’m a very optimistic puppy, I’ll finish with the good one.

Well, it’s been a loooong time since my family and I are staying in the house. I haven’t gone out for a picnic or something. Mom and Dad are both working while lying on the sofa with their laptops.

I gotta confess we are all a little bored recently. Although dogs are famous for their passion for spending time with our family, it’s been so long since we are haven’t gone on a trip. I miss walking in the green nature and playing fetch with dad so much.


Out we go!

Fortunately, one day Dad came up with a great idea of camping. He had found a remote and untouched spot in the national park. There we could stay away from other people because of the face-mask disease and enjoy a long-awaited picnic in the woods. KRC Helped Me Undo My Mess!. Mom and I passionately welcomed the idea, and the next weekend, we were on the road again!

Dad drove for about two and half hours until we reached the camping place. It was a quiet and cozy place near a natural fountain, sheltered by giant and old trees. I instantly loved the place at first sight and set free my puppy curiosity to go and explore every inch of the place. After discovering the area, I asked Dad to play fetch with me. 

Meanwhile, mom was making my favorite meal, grilled sausages! KRC Helped Me Undo My Mess!. After the meal, Mom and Dad started relaxing and reading books while I was asleep. Before the sunset, we started heading back home. It was such a refreshing day, although we were all tired.


I almost ruined mom’s antique rug

When we reached the doorstep, I noticed that Mom had left the TV on and I heard the soundtrack of my favorite cartoon, Scooby-Doo! I lost control and ran to the hall so I wouldn’t miss one more second of my cartoon. But then I realized I had done something so bad after I heard my mom screaming, “Oh Caramel, nooooo”!

Well, I still feel so bad when I remember that moment. KRC Helped Me Undo My Mess! I was so excited about the cartoon that I forgot my feet were knee-deep in mud and filth, and I had passed almost all of that mud on my mom’s favorite Persian rug that was placed in the home entrance 🙁

That rug was an antique that mom had just received from her granny, and she was so excited about it. She said it was about 120 years old, and I tried so much to count up to that much, but I couldn’t, so it must have been a long time. Despite the old age, It glittered in beauty and kinda owned the space. But now, I had almost ruined it by the mud and dirt I had brought to it. I felt so guilty for it and tried to get my Innocent Puppy Face on, but it didn’t work. Mom and Dad both were so disappointed, and I felt so bad that I had ruined their weekend trip.

Mom tried to clean a corner of the rug with damped cloth, but it just got worse and spread the sticky mud stain all over the rug. Then she sighed in sadness and said we should throw the rug away. But Dad said he had seen an online ad about a rug cleaning company that claimed no matter how ruined the rug is, they can restore the rug to its first-day look. Mom said it’s just marketing jargon and a waste of money, but Dad insisted and said there’s no harm in just giving a call.

Here comes KRC and save the rug

Dad talked Mom into calling the rug cleaning company and ask them about the problem we had. The person on the phone told mom that this is not an unsolvable issue, and they have dealt with thousands of antique rugs like that and have restored them successfully. 

Finally, Mom was convinced to have the rug cleaned by them, and surprisingly, they were at our doorstep in just an hour. KRC Helped Me Undo My Mess!The business owner was a nice and patient. They inspected the rug like inspectors in the movies, and then her crew rolled up the rug and took it with them while they were giving some detail to my mom.

The next day, Khazai rug cleaning and their crew were ringing our doorbell again, this time with the cleaned rug, Woof!

I couldn’t believe my eyes how clean it was. It was like nothing had ever happened to it. That was just what I had wished for!

Mom and Dad were so happy that they could save the antique heirloom, and I felt so relieved as well.

Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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