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Oriental rugs cover the floor well. They add elegance, color, and warmth to the floor and enhance the entire room’s look. If you put one in any room, you wish it could stay undamaged for too long. However, oriental rugs are prone to various damages by nature. They walked to the other side. Heavy furniture creates unsightly cracks. The moths eat the fibers and, of course, are usually at the end of discovering all kinds of spills. And the answer to all these troubles is Oriental Rug Repair by a professional.

While regular maintenance and cleaning keep your row looking clean and tidy.

While regular maintenance and cleaning keep your row looking clean and tidy. There are some cases where professional adjustment and refinement are necessary to remove the effects of normal wear and tear over time.

 The purpose of the oriental rug is to prevent further damage or deterioration of the eagle and preserve its beauty and value over the next several years.

 What Should I Do When My Oriental Rug Is Damaged?

Before we look at some common Oriental Rug Repair practices, it’s essential to keep these best practices in mind the next time your oriental rug is damaged.


Ask an Expert for an Oriental Rug Repair ASAP

The Ultimate Guide To Rug Repair, Adjusting your oriental rug on time is one of the most important steps you can take to preserve its luster for a long time. Timely repairs can prevent simple, inexpensive repair work from becoming problematic, expensive rug repair jobs.

The process of Oriental rug repair should begin as soon as you notice any damage. Ignoring them will only make things worse. On the other hand, getting an oriental rug repair once every five to ten years will keep you looking good for generations.

The important thing is to make sure you choose a trustworthy oriental rug repair specialist, even if that means paying more.


Take Your Oriental Rug Repair Expert

Rug Repair specialists will always worry about finding the right type of wool and the same dye and using the right weave. Thus, the repair work complements the natural features of the oriental rug and does not contradict its original character. 

Rug Repair specialists will always worry about finding the right type of wool and the same dye and using the right weave.


Master weaver will give you a detailed description of the whole process of oriental rug repair and the rug repair cost. They’ll only continue with the rug repair work once you have allowed the limitations.

Some of the most common damage is repairing tear gas tanks, holes, curved corners, coloring, stretching, edging edges, floods, and fire damage. An expert oriental rug repair can rebuild corners, fix holes and burnt areas, and repair moth damage. The perfection in this job is zero difference between original work and oriental rug repair work.

More likely than that, you will find that many experts quote a very high price for making oriental rug adjustments. Don’t let that stop you. While it may seem like a lot, never forget that oriental rug repair is time-consuming and very effective. In addition, it helps to maintain the value of the rug, so it is worth it.

Some well-known Oriental rug repair experts may suggest dying to hide damaged areas. While this is cheap, it is not recommended as it can cause permanent damage to the oriental rug and will reduce its total value.

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Some Common Practices of Oriental Rug Repair

1. Side Binding Repair

Rug Side binding in an oriental rug means both sides except the edge that runs the length. Oriental rugs are usually woven from one side by twisted threads, which means there must be an end. 

Usually, the weaver binds the end of the loom when the loom is complete. This last tied knot does the job of keeping the shape of the rug in and prevents the unraveling of knots.

At some point, this conclusion tends to loosen up and start to unravel, which only gets worse if you don’t take any action to stop it. The longer the damage is left unresolved, the worse the damage becomes and the more expensive it is to repair.

To repair the sides, the master of the oriental rug carefully and diligently wraps the damaged side with wool. That protects your Oriental rug from opening and leads to a clean and original appearance.

The wool used and the color of the wool used inside binding repair will depend on the first oriental rug itself. The fine, complex, curved edge is for fine rows, while the rigid edge is for rugs.

Side bindings are on both sides along the width of the rug. While it looks like another addition to the rug integrity, the fact is that the fringe and side bindings are the foundation of an oriental rug. That’s because if they get exposed, the damage will be inevitable.

2. Loose Foundation Reinforcement

Unfortunately, the rug pile can unravel and permanently damage the foundation if not stopped. 

In loose foundation reinforcement, the most important thing is to take action as soon as possible. If done quickly, you can prevent the damage from becoming too large, and the cost of oriental rug repair will be much lower.

If ignored, this damage can extend and lose the rug piles. The only way to restore that oriental rug is to replace the foundation with a new one. That involves much work and can be very expensive.

The oriental rug repair expert can use various techniques to adjust the edges depending on the type of rug and the shape of the end.

The first and most expensive method is to protect the edges once they start to loosen. This is also often done if the edge is longer in some parts than in others.

 The repair technician will first protect the edge and cut it until it fits if damaged or damaged.

– For rugs with thicker piles, it is usually better to sew new edges in the house than to try to repair the existing fringe.

– For rugs with smaller piles, rug experts prefer the Zangara stitch.

Both of them work well to protect the rug fringe well and prevent it from unraveling. That way, the oriental rug will look good and last for decades.


3. Does the Low Pile indicate that it’s time for Rug Repair?

Some areas of an oriental rug might get low piles over time. If it happens, the only way to repair it to its original condition is oriental rug repair by a professional. 

The low pile is not a big problem in comparison to the damaged edges or sides. However, an extremely low pile could expose the foundation and cause severe damage to the rug. Some rug owners do not care about the low pile as it is a sign of age and character and fixing it is just a matter of choice.

The need for Oriental Rug Repair depends on how well the rug is worn. In case the pile is so low that the foundation is obvious, then you need an Oriental rug repair. The person in charge of Oriental rug repair should find exactly matching fabrics and dyes to use, so the rug would look untouched once the rug repair is over.

Rug Hole Repair

The hole repair process is a complex, two-step process.

Step 1) The first and most crucial step is to repair the foundation of the rug. After a deep oriental rug cleaning, the damaged foundation should be repaired and expanded to reweave. If the foundation is not well built, rug repair won’t work. 

The hole repair process is a complex, two-step process.

Step 2) Woolen threads are sewn to cover the hole, using size and pattern as a foundation during the second step. The oriental rug repair expert carefully aligns the warp, wefts, and knots. After the hole is completely repaired, the area is trimmed to match the pile height.

Installing a patch to repair a hole in the rug or to make a complete replacement is only possible if the area around the hole is in good enough condition. If the pile is not large enough, it can be a challenge to hide the stitching.


Rug Color Restoration

And what if something went wrong with your oriental rug’s color? Color restoration is always a way, but it is an exceptional service. The oriental rug restoration team at Khazai Rug Cleaning has expertise in this sensitive area!

Rug Color Restoration is carefully done by the dye master using authentic materials and colors. It can repair faded or light rugs and is suitable when the Oriental rug has a slight loss of color or color bleeding. Color restoration can also be done in large areas when the whole rug has been affected.


Water Damage Restoration 

The residual moisture is very dangerous for Oriental rugs. It attracts mold, mildew, bacteria, and many more destructive microorganisms that eat natural fibers. 

If you ignore mold damage, it can lead to worn-out piles and holes all over the rug as well as stinky and bad-looking stains. Oriental rug repair by a professional means cleaning the rug with the proper solution and then reweaving the missing areas with matching fabrics and dyes.

Oriental rugs are also prone to damage that can occur from insects. You will want to know how to fix those problems in the following.


Bug Damage Repair

When moths damage an Oriental rug, it usually means repairing the foundation, remodeling, and more. You can schedule regular Oriental rug cleaning from a professional company to stop bugs such as carpet beetles and moths before damaging your oriental rug. If they do some damage, the sooner you do something, the better the results.

Rug alterations: Rotten or damaged rug can also be repaired. Rug resizing must be done by expert hands and proper tools, resulting in one or two small healthy rugs. It is a way of rescuing damaged yet precious Oriental rugs. You can also find Oriental rug repair experts who can increase the size of the rugs by copying the pattern and creating matching borders.


Where To Find the Best Oriental Rug Repair in Louisville, KY?

Khazai Rug Cleaning and Repair is proud of serving top-quality Oriental Rug Repair in Washington, DC, for more than three decades.

Whether it’s Rug Cleaning or Rug Repair, our professional team is ready to make sure your precious oriental rugs look their best, maintain their value, and stay in excellent condition.

Feel free to contact us by call, email, or Facebook Messages 24/7 to get a free quote and ask your questions about the best Oriental Rug Repair in Washington, DC!

Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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