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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Oriental Rugs?

Cost to repair Oriental rugs, When it comes to repairing your rugs, you may want to take on a DIY project. However, repairing oriental rugs is not one of them. Not only are many of these rugs irreplaceable, but they also require a level of expertise that most people don’t have. As with all repairs, it pays to get an estimate from a professional before making any decisions about costs. This article deals with how much it costs to repair Oriental rugs. It helps you estimate the price based on several factors and the types of repairs applied to your rug. So first, let’s see which rugs are called Oriental. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Oriental Rugs?

What is an Oriental rug?

An oriental rug is a type of carpet that originated in the Middle East, in countries including Iran and the Ottoman Empire. The term “oriental” refers to the fact that these carpets were made in areas known as the Orient. The Ultimate Guide To Rug Repair. This area was considered to be a vast area that included parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

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Today, oriental rugs are often made using silk or wool. They can be used as wall art or floor coverings to add elegance to any room.

How to find rug experts?

If you’re looking to repair an oriental rug, you must find a professional who can do the job right. This can be difficult as there are many people who claim to be experts in this field but are not. If you’re unsure if the person is any good, ask them questions about their experience and what they’ve done before.

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Be sure to check out reviews on Google as well. The internet has plenty of information about how much various types of the repairs cost. You should also make sure they offer a warranty on their job. Most reputable companies will offer some sort of guarantee or insurance policy against future damage.

Why are DIY methods not cheap or free?

The price of a rug repair will vary depending on the extent of damage and how quickly you need it done.

Why are DIY methods not cheap or free?

If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, remember that DIY is not always cheaper or easier than hiring a professional oriental rug repair. Just because something is “doable” doesn’t mean it should be attempted by someone who isn’t trained in its craft. If you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s no guarantee that your rug will turn out well. Moreover, there could be hidden costs involved with repairing rugs yourself, like damage caused by mistakes made during repairs. cost to repair Oriental rugs.

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Still not sure what to do with your damaged Oriental rug? Contact us and consult our rug experts. They know the rug repair process and can estimate the price for you.

Persian rug repair cost

Persian rugs are handwoven treasures from the heart of the Middle East that have captivated art enthusiasts and collectors for centuries. However, as with any valuable and cherished possession, Persian rugs become weary or damaged over the years. These rugs may suffer from various forms of damage, ranging from frayed edges and unraveling threads to more significant issues like holes and stains. In such cases, the question of Persian rug repair cost becomes important. 

Proper repair for Persian rugs is crucial to preserve their value and aesthetics. On the other hand, neglecting repairs can lead to further damage and depreciation in the rug’s worth.

What are common types of Persian rug repairs?

There are several methods to repair your Persian rug, which are determined based on the damage. Here are the common types of Persian rug repairs:

  • Fringe Repair and Replacement
  • Fringe repair involves fixing or securing the fringes at the edges of the rug. 
  • It may include re-twisting, cleaning, and straightening the fringes to enhance the rug’s overall appearance.
  • Factors affecting Fringe repair costs include the length of the fringes, their condition, and whether they need to be repaired or entirely replaced.
  • Patching Holes and Tears
  • This is the process of carefully mending damaged areas by weaving in new threads to match the original design. It effectively conceals holes and tears.
  • Factors affecting patching costs include the size and location of the damage, the complexity of the rug’s design, and the amount of labor and materials required.
  • Reweaving Damaged Areas
  • The process involves meticulously recreating the rug’s pattern and design in damaged sections. 
  • Skilled artisans reweave the missing or damaged threads, restoring the rug’s visual integrity.
  • What affects reweaving costs include the size and intricacy of the damaged area, the expertise of the weaver, and the availability of matching materials.
  • Color Restoration
  • Color restoration aims to revitalize faded or discolored areas of the rug, restoring the vibrancy of its original colors. 
  • This process may involve dyeing or color correction.
  • The extent of color fading or damage, the type of dyes used, and the difficulty of matching and blending colors all affect the cost. 

How much does it cost to replace fringe on an Oriental rug?


At our rug repair service, we understand the importance of preserving the beauty and authenticity of your treasured Oriental rug. When it comes to the cost to replace the fringe on Oriental rug, we offer competitive pricing that reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship. 


Our skilled artisans deeply understand traditional rug weaving techniques, ensuring the fringe replacement seamlessly blends with the original design. Moreover, we provide transparent and fair pricing, with quotes tailored to the specific needs of your rug. However, the cost of repairing your Oriental rug fringe depends on how much time, energy, and materials it takes. 

So, please request a quote now and tell us about your damaged Oriental rug. Then, our professionals will estimate the price for you. Rest assured, your Oriental rug will receive the utmost care and attention it deserves, all at an affordable cost.

What are the additional factors affecting repair costs?

Several additional factors can significantly impact the overall cost of repairing a Persian rug. Firstly, the rug’s material and age play a crucial role. Older rugs and those made from more delicate or rare materials may require specialized care and materials. They can drive up repair expenses. 

Secondly, the rug’s size and complexity of design matter. Larger rugs naturally demand more time and effort to repair, and intricate designs necessitate greater precision, both of which can increase costs. Moreover, geographic location and the local cost of living can influence repair costs, with services in high-cost areas generally commanding higher prices. 

Finally, the expertise of the rug repair professional is paramount. Highly skilled artisans with extensive experience in Persian rug repair may charge more for their craftsmanship. However, their expertise often ensures superior results, making it a valuable investment for the restoration of these treasured textiles.

DIY vs. Professional Rug Repair

When it comes to Persian rug repair, people often contemplate the choice between a DIY approach and hiring a professional rug repair service. Both options have their pros and cons, which are described below:

DIY Rug Repair


  • Cost Savings: DIY rug repair can be more budget-friendly upfront, as you avoid labor and service fees.
  • Learning Experience: For those interested in the craft, attempting a DIY repair can be a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Immediate Action: You can start the repair process right away without waiting for professional assistance.


  • Limited Expertise: Most individuals lack the specialized knowledge and skills required for intricate rug repair.
  • Risk of Further Damage: Well-intentioned DIY efforts can sometimes exacerbate the problem or even irreversibly damage the rug.
  • Time-Consuming: Rug repair is a meticulous task that can be time-consuming, especially for beginners.
  • Aesthetic Results: DIY repairs may not achieve the same level of aesthetic quality as professional work.

Professional Rug Repair Service


  • Expertise: Professional rug repair specialists have extensive training and experience, ensuring the highest quality results.
  • Preservation of Value: Professionals can restore the rug’s value and aesthetics, making it a valuable long-term investment.
  • Custom Solutions: They can tailor the repair process to match the rug’s material, design, and unique needs.
  • Time Efficiency: Professionals work efficiently, minimizing the time your rug spends in disrepair.
  • Guaranteed Results: Reputable rug repair services often provide warranties or guarantees for their work.


  • Cost: Hiring professionals may come with a higher initial cost than a DIY approach.
  • Scheduling: You may need to wait for an appointment, depending on the availability of the rug repair service.


While DIY rug repair may seem cost-effective, it often lacks the expertise and guarantees that come with professional services. Hiring a professional rug repair service ensures that your treasured rugs receive the care they deserve. Experts can not only fix visible damage but also address underlying issues, ultimately preserving their value and beauty for generations. The investment in professional repair is not just about fixing the rug; it’s about safeguarding a piece of art and history.

Tips for finding a reliable Persian rug repair service

Finding a reliable Persian rug repair service is essential to ensure the proper care and restoration of your valuable rugs. Here are some tips to help you locate a trustworthy and skilled rug repair service:

  1. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or acquaintances who have used rug repair services in the past.
  2. Look for online reviews and testimonials on platforms like Google, Yelp, or specialized rug repair websites.
  3. Visit local rug stores or dealers and ask for recommendations.
  4. Ensure that the rug repair service has the necessary credentials and certifications.
  5. Inquire about the experience and expertise of the rug repair specialists. 
  6. Don’t hesitate to ask for references from previous customers. Contact these references to inquire about their satisfaction with the service.
  7. If possible, visit the repair service’s workshop to see their working conditions and the tools and materials they use. 
  8. Engage in a conversation with the repair professionals to understand their approach to rug repair.
  9. Obtain a written estimate or quote for the repair work. Compare quotes from multiple rug repair services to ensure you are getting a fair price.
  10. Inquire about any warranties or guarantees offered for their repair work.
  11. Ensure that the rug repair service has adequate insurance coverage. 


Repair and restoration of Persian rugs require specialized knowledge and skill. Taking the time to find a reliable and experienced rug repair service is crucial to preserving the beauty and value of your treasured rugs.

Types of Oriental rug repairs

Here are several types of rug repairs applied by professionals. Learning these methods helps you determine if your precious Oriental rug needs repair or not. 

Professional cleaning

If you have a rug that needs to be repaired, it’s best to have it professionally cleaned first. A professional cleaner will know how to clean your rug without damaging it and can advise you on whether or not the rug is worth saving. If the rug is too damaged for cleaning or repair, then there’s no point in spending money on fixing it.

Repairing the fringe

If the fringe is damaged, it can be repaired by sewing it back onto the rug. If your fringe is extremely worn and damaged, the experts will either replace it or use another method. In this method, all will be cut off but 1/2 inch of the fringe and reattached with needle and thread.

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Khazai Rug Cleaning makes it easy for you to get your rug fringe repaired. You can trust our rug experts and get your rug back all fixed and clean! Please request a quote now and get in touch with us.

Fixing pet-related damage

Pet Stain removal is one of the most common fixes for rugs with pet stains on them. The first step is to clean the stain, which can be done using various methods depending on the stain type. Then they dry the area thoroughly before moving on to step two. It involves repairing fringes that have been torn off to remove stains (or other types of damage).

Repairing rips and tears require sewing skills. Fringe repairs can also be done by hand if necessary. Rug professionals have steady hands and precision when working with such small pieces of fabric.

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Pet hair removal methods include regularly vacuuming and using specialized tools like lint rollers or brushes. They are specifically designed for removing animal fur from fabrics like carpets and rugs. 

Removing stains

Apart from fixing pet-related problems and removing stains, stains caused by spillage must also be taken care of. Removing stains is the first step to bringing life back to your Oriental rug. The best way to do this is to make a cleaning solution based on the type of stains.

Rug professionals first ensure that all spillages are cleaned with water before applying any other solutions. Then they take out the tools: brushes, sprays, vacuum cleaners, and a bucket filled with warm water mixed with a detergent solution. Then the rug will be spotless after some time.

Khazairugcleaning’s team has cleaned hundreds of rugs, even those with the toughest stains. They know advanced methods and own advanced tools to get rid of every stain type. If you’re dealing with stains on your rug, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Determining if repair is worth it

Before you decide to repair your rug, it’s important to understand the cost versus the value of repairing it. Some rugs are worth repairing as they are very expensive and/or have sentimental value. Other rugs might be inexpensive and can be replaced easily if.

If you want to know how much it costs per square foot for your particular piece, talk with a professional. They will give an accurate quote based on what needs to be done, then decide if that’s worth doing! You can also check out this article Oriental Rug Repair  and know how much repairing rugs cost in your country. 

Consider the cost of repairs vs. replacing the rug

If you’re considering the cost of repairs vs. replacing the rug, keep one thing in mind: full repair is often more expensive than a new rug. This can be because of the difficulty of fixing an Oriental rug or because this process requires many hours of work.

If you decide to go with a new rug instead of repairing your old one, don’t despair: there are plenty of good deals on rugs if you look hard enough! Just make sure to find something similar in size and color scheme so that your home decor remains cohesive.


Repairs are a great way to keep your Oriental rug in good shape for years. A good repair can also save you money by allowing you to keep a rug that might otherwise be thrown away. If the cost of repairs doesn’t outweigh the cost of buying a new one, it may be worth considering whether or not it’s time for an upgrade instead!

The Khazai Rug Cleaning team is always ready to help you either way! Our professional repair team knows the ins and outs of rug damage and ways to fix them. Also, you can find tens of rugs in different styles, shapes, and sizes that match your rooms. Please request a quote and let us know how we can help you.

Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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