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Oriental Rug Maintenance

Oriental Rug Maintenance, You invested in oriental rugs because of their beauty as well as their durability. Oriental rugs have significant value that will be long-lasting if cared for adequately. Like your home, automobile, and furniture, regular maintenance is a must for rugs to retain their value and longevity. In this blog, we tell you why Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair is important and how it protects your rug’s high value.

Spots and Stains

If you have noticed spots or stains on your oriental rug, please visit our DIY Stain Removal Guide.

Vacuuming or Sweeping

The amount of traffic that an oriental rug receives should determine the frequency of sweeping or vacuuming. For example, if you have a bedroom rug or office rug that gets low foot traffic, you may want to vacuum it once a month.

We recommend you vacuum your Oriental rug in the living room with heavy traffic at least once a week. Oriental Rug Maintenance, It’d also be best if you get a manual sweeper for general maintenance. That is because the new powerful beater bar vacuum cleaners may cause more wear by stripping the fibers prematurely.

We aren’t saying that you can’t use a vacuum, but it would be better for the rug if you turn off the beater bar or brush and use the suction setting if you can. 

Manual Sweeper

Manual sweepers don’t put wear on oriental rugs, as do the modern-day vacuum cleaners. They generally run from $20 to $200 or more. When you stand at the end of an oriental rug, one end looks lighter than the opposite end. All hand-knotted oriental rugs have this nap.

When using a vacuum, make sure that the nap of the rug is smooth coming towards you. Don’t vacuum against the nap because it will break the pile, and the fibers will start going in all directions and show what appear to be dark and light splotches like a cowlick. Oriental Rug Maintenance, So make sure to face the darker side of the rug when sweeping or vacuuming.

Please note that regular vacuuming and sweeping can’t entirely clean your rugs and take out all the entrapped dust and dirt from the rug’s foundation. You still need to ask for an Oriental Rug Cleaning at least every year to perfectly maintain your valuable rugs.

How To Tell If It Is Time Ask For An Oriental Rug Cleaning?

If you rub your hand for several seconds quickly back and forth across the rug and it looks dirty or feels like a film is on your hand, then it is time to get it cleaned.

Oriental Rug Maintenance, If there is a foul odor coming out of the rug when you do a sniff test, it is time to get the rug cleaned. You can lift the rug by the corner, then slap the back of the rug firmly a few times, and you see dust or grit coming out, it’s time to clean it.

You can bend the rug back so that the pile separates and look into the foundation.

If you see dirt or grit, this means that the dirt has embedded itself into the rug’s foundation and needs to be heavily dusted and deep cleaned. Rug experts highly recommend getting a professional Oriental Rug Cleaning at least every year.

We suggest you rotate your rug after each cleaning because your rug will wear more evenly and minimize low pile areas, making the rug last much longer. Another way to reduce wear on oriental rugs is by taking your shoes off while you are at home.

People from many cultures worldwide, especially in the Middle East, take their shoes off upon entering the home and have their guests do the same.

If you have questions about any of the information provided in this article or our rug cleaning service, please call us today! We’d love to give you more info and free estimates on the best Oriental Rug Cleaning in Washington DC!

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Author: David Khazai

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