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The Ultimate Guide To Rug Repair

Guide To Rug Repair, Rugs are the timeless exceptions of your home décor that never get out of style. Being exquisite artworks, they don’t lose value over time, but they gain even more. That is guaranteed as long as the rug looks fine and healthy, but numerous pet stain removal such as tear and wear, stains, mold, and Pet Urine threaten your rug as well. So, what should we do to make sure rugs last for a long while. rug repair near me?
The answer is simple, to have them repaired by a Professional. If the repair process is correct, rugs will regain their former value. This article will take you through the most common damages to your precious rugs and introduce the proper Rug Repair method to fix them.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Rug Damage?

  • Water Damage
  • Bugs such as Moth and carpet beetle
  • Pets
  • Harsh chemical detergents
  • Food spills
  • Amateur cleaning
  • Fire Damages
  • Heavy furniture
  • Sun Exposure
  • Foot Traffic
  • Harsh vacuuming

Are Your Rugs Relly Worth It?

Rug Repairing requires much time, energy, and expense. So before anything, you should ask yourself, is my rug really worth it? To answer this question, you should assess your rug to see if its value outweighs the repair expenses or not.

So, to begin with, a professional should assess the rug. But some rugs do not really need that. Machinemade and modern rugs, for example, do not justify it as they have no inherent value. On the other hand, Oriental and Antique rugs need a close inspection to see how valuable they are.

An amateur eye can barely detect a rug’s true value, so we highly recommend you to get a valid Rug Appraisal from expert appraisers.

A rug’s actual value depends on age, country of origin, conceptual design, color, construction, and material. Moreover, the rug’s value will skyrocket if it represents a particular part of history or culture, such as the Safavid, Ottoman, and Mamluk dynasties. Also, here you can learn more about Rug Appraisals and the reasons why you need them for your precious rugs.

Water Damages

Water damage service is often a result of floods, pipe leaks, or vases. Moisture provides a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow in depth of the rug’s foundation. These uninvited guests eat up the rug’s fiber and give it an awful stink, as well as disappointing holes all over the rug’s surface. Home remedies can only neutralize the odor up to some point. Still, to eradicate the problem, you should have it cleaned by a Rug Professional. Guide To Rug Repair.

Stain Removal

Dozens of stains are in ambush to attack your rug, such as food and drink spills, pet urine, ink, blood, etc. Some of them can be solved by yourself, but the point is that you should get into action as soon as you notice. For more information on how to treat each rug stain, please visit our Stain Removal Guide.

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If the stain is stuck for quite a while or taking care of the incident is beyond you, simply ask the Khazai Rug Cleaning professional to correctly clean the stain so your rugs would win their charm again.

Reweaving As The Heart of A Rug Repair Service

Rugs might tear and wear over time, or hideous holes might appear all over them. That is mainly because of water damage, heavy furniture on top of the rug, and curious pets that chew or scratch the rug. If the rug is valuable, having holes or being torn does not mean it’s the end of the story. In that case, Take the damaged rugs to the exceptional Rug Experts at Khazai Rug Cleaning to reweave the damaged parts as if nothing has ever happened.

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Reweaving is the trickiest kind of Rug Repair, and it requires a comprehensive knowledge of Rugs to revive a torn rug. The Expert must replace the damaged foundation with a new one and weave the rug again with the same material and color, which is way more complicated in real action.

Rug Fringe Repair & Replacement

No matter how clean and adequate your rug looks, it’s still incomplete with a disheveled and damaged set of fringe. Harsh vacuuming is to blame for most fringe damages, as they get caught up in the brush that loosens or tears them apart. To prevent such incidents, choose a low air-flow for the vacuum cleaner while cleaning your handmade rugs and keep the pets as far as possible from them.

If the fringe is damaged, it will unravel the rug’s foundation. So fringe repair is recommended as soon as you notice the damage because its repair process is relatively more straightforward and costs you far less compared to when the damage has reached the pile and unraveled the foundation. In case your rugs have any fringe issues, leave them in the good hands of Khazai Rug Cleaning.

Fire Damage Repair

All rugs are quite flammable, especially handmade ones usually made of wool, cotton, and silk. If the rug has been the prey of fire, the burnt parts must be replaced by Reweaving. But fire damages rugs even if it does not catch them directly, as smoke and ashes get stuck in the rug’s foundation and give it an awful smell. To solve this problem, a Professional should clean and deodorize your rug with a suitable detergent and vacuum it after the rug has dried out. Guide To Rug Repair.

Rug Sides Fraying

The sides of your rug might fray and wear out over time due to foot traffic, harsh vacuuming, and improper cleaning. This kind of defect is dangerous as it might spread to the rug’s body. If you have this issue with your rug, it would be best to leave it to a well-experienced Rug Repair . They will wrap the frayed sides with wool carefully. The wool should also match the rug’s material and color to give it a natural look.

Sun Exposure Damage

Direct exposure to sunlight damages the rug. Despite the common opinion that sunlight fades the rug’s color, UV rays in the sunlight oxidize the fibers, leading to premature damages expected for a relatively old rug. That is because the UV rays weaken the fiber and foundation of the rug. To prevent such damages to your rugs, attach a UV protective film to your windows to block the harmful rays from reaching your rugs. If the damage is noticeable, ask Khazai rug Cleaning to take care of it.

Rug Color Bleeding Damage

Moisture, sun exposure, and incorrect detergents cause the rug’s color to run or fade away. The color bleeding repair [aka Color Run Repair] is quite a sensitive process because it’s challenging to prepare an exactly matching color of the rug. If you’re facing such a problem with your rugs, contact us at Khazai Rug Cleaning so we could revive your rug’s glamour.

Moth Damage Repair

Your rug might turn into a huge moth magnet if you don’t protect it against them. The moths look for a warm, moisturized, and dark place with food to lay their eggs. If your rug is wet with food crumbs stuck in it, consider it as a moth incubator. Thousands of tiny moth larvae feast on the fibers of your precious handmade rug. vacuum cleaner timeline.

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That would be quite an expensive meal for such uninvited guests. This wicked feast will result in many holes all over your rug. As the larvae are deep-stuck in the rug, vacuuming won’t be helpful at all. You’d better ask a well-experienced Rug Expert to root out the Moth by using suitable repellents and reweave the eaten parts of the rug so that it will win its elegance back.

The One and Only Rug Repair in Washington!

One can’t learn Rug Repairing in schools or universities. Additionally, you won’t be able to do it by watching DIY YouTube videos. It requires years of expertise and knowledge. Traditionally, knowledge of rugs passes down through generations as the rug has always been a family business at its core. That’s why, while looking for a Rug Repair Service, you should consider the expertise of the staff.

Khazai Rug Cleaning proudly serves you with the most competent Rug Repair in Washington DC, enriched by five generations of fine experience with rugs. So if you have any issues with your oriental rugs cleaning, don’t hesitate to give us a call contact us. Guide To Rug Repair

Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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