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Rugs Are the Biggest Air Filter in Your Home

Ohio Valley comprises the Ohio River’s drainage basin and its branches, including most of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia. In the two consecutive years of 2009 and 2010, the Ohio River was ranked as the most contaminated river in America. In 2013 it received the ranking again for being the most polluted river in the US. 

Researches have shown that more than 90% of the hazardous discharges into the river contained nitrate. Mercury pollution has also been recorded, skyrocketing by 500% from 2007 until 2013.

Allergic reactions such as sniffling, sneezing, and even asthma always come along with Kentucky’s springtime. The bluegrass is to blame here, spreading a huge among of pollen into the air.

Louisville always has a place in the top 5 Worst cities in the US for springtime allergies. It even ranked number one in 2014.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) named Louisville “The Allergy Capital of America” in 2010, ranking the 3rd most difficult city to live with autumn allergy.

The situation with indoor allergens gets worse every autumn, as weeds and molds enter the house along with dust mites and pet hair. That leads to runny noses, irritating eyes, coughing, sneezing, and sinus headaches. An increase in indoor allergens also expects asthmatic reactions, ear, and sinus infections. Infants are more vulnerable, as they might get asthma if exposed to these allergens. Researches have also found that long-term exposure to allergens leads to permanent asthma in children.

How Rugs Reduce Indoor Air Pollution?

Rugs are quite effective yet underrated air purifiers in each room. Their absorbent texture traps harmful pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and formaldehyde, resulting in higher air quality.

Scientific studies show that Nitrogen Dioxide removal from indoor air with 35 types of building materials and furnishings, the highest removal rates were for wool carpet, wallboard, cement block, and rick. Acrylic, polyester, and nylon carpets had NO2 removal rates under one third those of 100% wool carpet ((Spicer et al. 1986, 1989))

Rugs as the Biggest Air Filters in Your Home

Just like how you commit to change your air filters regularly, you’ better have your rugs cleaned as well. Rugs might function as a considerable amount of germ and pollution if not cleaned adequately.

It’s highly recommended not to trust the clean surface of the Rug, as a massive amount of dust mites, pet urine, pollen, and bacteria are deep-stuck in the Rug’s foundation, and regular home cleaning methods are not effective on them. That’s why you’d better have your precious rugs cleaned by a rug expert at least every 12 months.

Pollen grains and other allergens re-circulate in the air you breathe due to their lightweight. Absorbent surfaces such as rugs and carpets are quite useful by trapping these particles and preventing them from entering your respiratory system.

On the other hand, the absorbing performance of the rugs is limited up to a point. When they become saturated with dirt and dust, they stop filtering the air and function as a dangerous source of pollution in your house. That’s why rugs need to be professionally deep cleaned at least each year to keep purifying the indoor air.

Could Rug Be a Reservoir of Dust and Dirt?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also warned about rugs and carpets acting as a reservoir for dust and pollen in schools. However, it has also declared that frequent vacuuming and periodic deep-cleaning will remove the stuck pollutants.

Have Your Rugs Professionally Cleaned Each Year

The most common mistake among American homeowners is that they treat rugs like carpets, assuming surface-cleaning is enough. But rugs have a deeper construction than carpets, and they might have a huge amount of dirt deep-stuck in them despite their seemingly-clean surface. That’s why rugs need to be deep cleaned by a professional rug cleaning expert at least once a year.

100% Green Rug Cleaning

The regular Rug Cleaning Products on the market shelves contain many harsh chemical substances. These chemicals come with extreme consequences for the old, kids, and pets. For example, itching skin, breathing illnesses like asthma, and most importantly, severe allergic reactions. 

These harsh chemicals also damage the kidney and liver as well as provoking vomiting, dizziness, and tiredness. Properly-cleaned rugs perform way better than carpets at purifying the indoor air.

Rug cleaning is a complicated process that requires the right amount of care for optimum results. Khazai Rug Cleaning is the one-stop-shop in Washington and DMV, for all your rug cleaning needs with a guarantee of satisfaction. Feel free to give us a call today!

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Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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