What Is the Average Cost of Cleaning a Rug?

What Is the Average Cost of Cleaning a Rug?

“Looking to clean your rug at an affordable price? You’re on the right track! Rug cleaning is not an easy task and requires lots of experience as you can’t use one single cleaning method for all types of rugs. But wouldn’t it be too expensive? What is the average cost of cleaning a rug? Let’s get to know carpet cleaning prices and the criteria affecting them. “

This article covers everything you need to know about the average price and the factors determining rug cleaning prices. However, if you decide to get your rug professionally cleaned, our team is ready to help you! Just request a quote and contact Khazairugcleaning’s experts. Then, you can ask any question about the average price and have your rug cleaned! So, why not discuss your issues regarding the cost of cleaning your rug?

Five factors determining rug cleaning price 

Different factors do change the rug cleaning price, including the size, type, materials, origins, etc. So no two rugs of one size or type would cost the same. 

How big is your rug?

Prices are usually set based on each square foot

Prices are usually set based on each square foot. Meaning that if your rug is 4 by 5 feet, it is 20 square feet. So, if the service costs you 5 dollars per square, you pay $100 to get your rug cleaned. 

Knowing the price range for cleaning per square would be a great help in evaluating the companies’ services offering different prices. Based on the national stats, the lowest amount of rug cleaning price would be $60 per square for a small rug. Therefore, there’s no guarantee for the good service of a company offering prices lower than that. 

The average cost of cleaning a rug is $150 to $600 per square, helping you estimate the price of cleaning your rug. Let’s have a look at other factors that can increase or decrease the average cost.

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What is it made of?

Not all the rugs with different materials would be properly cleaned with the usual wash detergent you use. They might even react adversely to some ingredients. For example, a rug made of silk cannot be washed with the same detergent used for washing a wool rug. Rugs are generally made of 7 materials:

  • Cotton 
  • Wool 
  • Silk
  • Synthetic
  • Polypropylene 
  • Jute 
  • Coir

Cleaning each of them requires distinct detergents and methods. Obviously, those which are much harder to wash and take more time and energy, cost higher.  

Stubborn or easy-to-remove stains?

Stubborn or easy-to-remove stains? 

The harder for the stain to be removed, the higher the price does get. Some stains, such as red wine, blood, chocolate, and permanent markers, are not easily removed from the rugs. If you spill a cup of tea on your rug, you can get the stain out of it easily using some water, wash detergent, and neat cloth, as long as you take care of it soon enough. However, some stains have remained on your rug for a long time and need a professional method to be removed. 

Machine-made or hand-made?

People usually can’t distinguish between rugs made by hand or machine. One big difference between a hand-made and machine-made rug is how the fabrics are woven and knotted. If you look at the fabrics in the back of a hand-made rug closely enough, you’ll see uneven knots. On the contrary, the rugs made by large machines have perfectly even knots. 

Another difference is the fabrics they’re made of. Synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene are used for weaving rugs with machines, while hand-made ones contain natural fabrics, like cotton or silk. So, now you see why there are distinct procedures used for cleaning machine-made and hand-made rugs. If you can’t realize how your rug is made, leave it to our experts! 

Are you a cat or dog lover?!

Did you know that the method used to clean a dog’s pee on the rug differs from the cat’s pee?

So, don’t be surprised if our experts ask whether you have a cat or dog in your place! The reason is that dogs and cats have different pee stains due to distinct food materials and urinary systems. A cat’s urine is a lot more odorful and harder to remove from the rug than a dog’s. The reason is that cats pee in a more concentrated way, and the density of their urine is higher as they absorb more water from it. 

All in all, cleaning a dog’s pee stain is not the same as a cat’s. Each might need a different amount of time or energy, changing the average cost of cleaning a rug.

Is it worth it to get an area rug cleaned?

Based on the reports on HomeAdvisor, the average cost of cleaning a rug starts from $60 for the most miniature rug and goes further to $600 for a typical one. So far, we have discussed the parameters that play important roles in changing the average price for rug cleaning. You might be wondering if it’s best to get your rug cleaned by professionals or just clean it yourself without spending money. Don’t forget that only an expert can recognize the rug’s type and determine how to clean the stains on it. An unprofessional job is likely to lead to extra expenses. For example, if you do it on your own without having the proper knowledge, you might damage the rug’s fabrics using detergents that don’t suit them. Eventually, you’ll have to pay more money to repair the damages. 

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Additional services 

Only cleaning the dirt and thoroughly washing your rug won’t do the work? In Khazairugcleaning, we do more than cleaning; we use a 10-step rug cleaning process to ensure your rug is completely cleaned. There are always other rug-related services you can ask for. For example, you might want to get a torn part of your rug or carpet repaired or get a carpet patch for a certain area. Each service has its own calculation which would affect the cost. Why Antique Rug cleaning?  So, it’s best to consult with our team and ask the exact price for the services you need. khazai rug cleaning services.

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