How To Remove Soup Stain From Your Rug

Soup or broth either is quite tasty and healthy, but also easy to spill! The soup stain, especially those with high color like tomato soup, ruins the rug look, and as the soup is mainly liquid, it finds its way down the rug foundation and dries out so quickly, which makes it so difficult to clean. 

Outlined below are some practical steps you can take to remove a soup stain from your rug. You can also learn about other stains such as Tomato sauceSalsaRed wine, or Beer.

If you still have problems getting the rug all the way clean, give us a call here at Khazai Rug Cleaning, and we will gladly help you with all your rug cleaning needs!

Things You’ll Need To Remove Soup or Broth Stain From Your Rug

Wet Spotter │  Cold Water  │  White Vinegar│  Terry Cloth/Sponge 

Note: Vinegar is a perfect homemade spot cleaner that removes most of the food and drinks spills, dissolving their fat and protein chains with its natural acids. But that could have some consequences for your wool and silk rugs, so makes sure you have consulted with an expert before taking any action on the broth stain. Our rug cleaning team will be always glad to help you with finding the best way to remove rug stains via phone calls, emails, Facebook, and Google My Business messages.

  1. Use a sponge

    Use a sponge or clean terry cloth damped with cooled water and apply light strokes, moving from the outside of the soup stain until it is fading. 

  2. Apply a wet spotter and just a few drops of white vinegar. Cover the stained area with a sponge dampened with the wet spotter. Let it sit as long as the stain is still there.

    Change the sponge as it picks up the liquid a bit at a time. Meanwhile, always make sure to keep the area and your sponge wet, so you will be able to remove the soup stain out of the rug with less effort.

  3. Rinse and dry the rug

    After using the sponge and wet spotter to remove soup stain from your precious rug, rinse the stained area with cooled water and let it dry on both sides.

    Finally, let it airdry or sprinkle some baking soda on it to make sure no moisture has remained inside the rug.

And now it’s done! For more help with other types of rug stains, visit our Stain Removal Guide.

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